Monday, January 14, 2008

The ins....and of course the outs...

In this seemingly neverending off-season the Jays have actually added more talent
to the roster other than this Rolen Kid.

Late last year they added an "Everyday" shortstop in the likes of 2006 World Series MVP, David Eckstein. He's a career .289 hitter who rarely strikes out and carries with him a fairly steady glove. Although he doesn't hit for much power (30 career home runs), he did hit grand slams in back to back games two seasons ago. An FYI to JAY fans, don't mistake David Eckstein from Adam Kennedy because of the picture on your 2004 Topps Baseball Card. Fear not Johnny Mac fans, this pesky addition will prove to be an upgrade, and I'm sure Gibbons will get MacDonald into games as much as he can.

Here are some other guys you've never heard of the Jays picked up this off-season:
  • RHP Shawn Camp who has a career ERA of 5.27 in parts of four seasons with
    Tampa Bay and Kansas City. He's got an invite to Spring Training and
    has a great middle reliever name in my opinion.
  • LHP John Parrish (No relation to Lance or Larry) was signed to a minor league
    deal. Parrish, 30, was 2-2 with a 5.71 ERA last season in 53 appearances with
    Baltimore and Seattle. Could give Brian Tallet some competition for his spot
    in the bullpen.

RHP Lance Carter and LHP Ryan Ketchner were also signed to minor league deals
and are expected to start the season in AAA Syracuse.

Evidently BJ Ryan is coming along after undergoing Ligament Transfer Surgery.
Who knows what the fate of BJ will be, though I imagine he'll be used cautiously
to begin the season.

The Jays lost 54,302 man games to injury last seaon and had Vernon Wells in the
lineup most days though he was playing sans use of his shoulder from what I understand. With the Yankees go down the toilet with little hope at all this season, 90 wins should and will get the Jays into the post-season.


  1. I don't think 90 wins is getting anybody anywhere in the Big Kids League. Oh and David Eckstein is good for nothing.

  2. Good for nothing = Every Jay shortstop since Tony Fernandez


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