Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Score - Pure Performer

So the Score is running the Pure Performer heads up match type thing and are
eventually going to come up with the best performance in sports...from what I gather.

Today's epic clash featured a 48 point overtime playoff performance from Lebron James
last season, in which he scored his teams last 25 points...very well done indeed, and I'm
sure we'll see something along those lines again in his career.


He was up against Mark Whiten. Yes, Mark Whiten. For those of you who don't remember,
let me refresh your memory. Whiten was a journeyman outfielder whose teammates
often referred to him as "hard hittin Whiten" no joke. He played for several teams, our
Toronto Blue Jays being one of them. He only averaged 18 home runs a season for his
career and never did get to 100 RBIs, though he did have 99 with St. Louis in 1993.
He also came equipped with a canon arm, and just looked mean a lot of the time. One
more note - Whiten pitched an inning with the Indians in 1998, letting in one run, but
striking out all three outs!

On September 7th, 1993 Whiten did what basically NO ONE had ever done in a major
league baseball game. He hit 4 home runs and drove in 12 runs. OK, 4 dingers and
banging in 12. Both tied him with the ALL-TIME single game MLB records.

48 points in an NBA game, whether it's in the playoffs or not, has been done, it will
be done again, and then probably sometime after than, someone else will put his team
on their back, and do it again. So Lebron's performance was great, but Mark Whiten
did what only one other player had done in the history of the bigs...which also is alot
longer than that of the NBA. So people, I implore you to vote for our former Jay
Mark Whiten to move along in this seemingly useless Score contest. Four dingers
in one game is sick, 12 RBIs should make you laugh and Lebron James personally
told me it'd be OK to vote for Mark.


  1. But Game 5! Lebron made the leap! Fuck that, Mark Whiten is all man. That glorious red bat....

  2. HAHAHA, I saw him hit a walk off in like 1991 with my Dad in extra's.....get's my effin vote


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