Friday, January 18, 2008

It's the last extension, just ask him.

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig says he won't accept another contract extension after his expires in 2012. Wait a second, he said the same thing after several other extensions, so pardon me if I have a little trouble buying it.

Selig has been commissioner since 1992 and since late 2006 had said that following the 2009 season, he'd retire, going so far as saying nothing would change his mind. Once again, he says, "this is it, I can say that without equivocation". He blathered on about being 78 years old when this contract was done and then had to sit down as he was clearly winded from standing for more than 8 minutes.

Look, do I care? Not really. Has there been an explosion of steroid use and other performance enhancing drugs under his tenure? Probably. Did he turn a blind eye to this glaring issue in the league? Most likely. Finally, wasn't Selig the very man who provoked the 7 and a half month strike that wiped out the 1994 World Series (which incidently, would have been won by the Montreal Expos)? He was.

True, he did push for Inter-league play (who the hell cares), change the playoff format to include wild cards (oh no, there was no complaining over this past season's, shall I say, lengthy, playoff format) and spend the better part of the past decade talking about his great vision of internationalization (next stop, Puerto Rico and some exhibition games in CHINA!!)

Bud Selig isn't young. The owners are by and large just as old. I'm not saying he does a good job (because he doesn't) or a bad one either (you be the judge.) But isn't it time for Bud to step aside and make way for a younger, more pro-active person to run the show? Bah, you probably don't really care...but maybe you should.

Bud Selig made $14.5 million dollars in the 12 month period ending Oct 31st 2005.

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  1. Whether or not he's doing a good job, the owners love Bud


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