Thursday, January 24, 2008

Man Stats

Ichiro Suzuki at the plate during the 2006 season, no doubt rapping a single to left field. Ichiro has 200+ hits in each of his seven MLB seasons, and is a career .333 hitter.

So one of the waterlines at my place of employment decided to explode today, making it necessary to work from home for the next several days. Being the nerd I almost always am, I stumbled upon some stats that I thought I'd share. Some you know, some you most certainly don't, and some will just flat out make you laugh, should you have any idea about this subject matter at all. So, below you will find links to what I consider some of the greatest, and the most unbelievable SINGLE SEASON stats in the baseball history.

1. Will White - 1879 season - Innings Pitched.

I am quite sure that if any human being, let alone a Major League pitcher, attempted to do what ol'Whoop-La did back in the summer of 1879 they would need arm replacement surgery upon completion of the season. FYI - The most batters faced (BFP) by any big league pitcher in 2007 was 975.

2. John Coleman's PITCHING stats for 1883.

Tough season in Philly in 1883.

3. Charley Radbourn's 1884 Season.

I almost shit myself while reading these numbers. Literally

4. Matt Kilroy - 1886 season - Strikeouts

He must have faced a relative of Adam Dunn or Ryan Howard many many times during this season. Good Lord man...I wonder how many were swinging?

5. Chief Wilson - 1912 - Triples

Curtis Granderson led the MLB this season with 23, which was the highest MLB leading total since Dale Mitchell had 23 for Cleveland in 1949.

6. Hack Wilson - 1930 - Runs Batted In

Let's me put it this way. Manny Ramirez had 165 RBI's in 1999 which was the most since 1938. All records are made to be broken, but this is one of a handful that will do it's best to stand the test of time.

7. Bob Gibson's 1968 season.

I believe we've all heard this story before. Nonetheless, it still boggles the mind that this occurred.

8. Rickey Henderson - 1982 - Stolen Bases

Only four men have stolen more than 100 bases or more in a season in the modern era of baseball for a total of 8 times. Henderson accounts for 3 of them, including his ridiculous record setting 1982 season total.

9. Barry Bonds - 2004 - Walks & Intentional Walks

Not only does he rank first in this category, the next closest player is still 62 behind him. This stat = insanity....Oh yeah check out the second link also...I was laughing out loud, in my condo, all alone to that one, no joke.

10. Ichiro Suzuki - 2004 Season

George Sisler's record only stood for 84 years. Ichiro = A man.

Are these the highest profile records? Some more than others. I just find them to be either unbelievable or hysterical and in some cases both.

It is also important to note that Barry Bonds, love him or hate him, appears in the top 10 of most important offensive categories for his career. His 4 straight MVP seasons (2001-2004) are really quite funny to look at.


  1. Manny is one of the best right-handed hitters of all time. not sayin, just sayin

  2. i actually had that argument with a few guys from work who at first shunned the thought...until statistical evidence proved them all idiots.


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