Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Impossible to Follow

Poor, poor Casey Janssen. A serviceable enough arm, fun guy to watch but, to beat a recently deceased horse, if he has 14 swings and misses tonight it will be as big a shock as Halladay's 14 strikeouts. I wonder about Casey's potential for success against the free-swinging Punch and Judy's the Angels trot out in numbers. Casey Janssen must do as the International Noise Conspiracy: make no attempt to replicate the brilliance that preceded you. Figure something novel out and run it into the ground.

None of the Angels have any particular success against Janssen in the past, but 2009 Casey Janssen isn't quite the same as previous Casey Janssens. Perhaps he's still discovering his touch as his strikeouts are way, way down. Even for him. Fewer than 2 per 9? That's half his career number. His fly ball's are down (good for him, fewer dingers) but his line drives are up over his two starts. Hopefully the Angels forget how agile a fielder Janssen is and attempt a bunch of bunts. Heaven forbid Mike Scoscia go out of his way to give away outs.

Fun to watch as I said, more fun when you see him on the local news visiting an elementary school; preaching the merits of reading, or recycling the whales or some such team-mandated milquetoast do-goodery. Thankfully, he didn't outwardly appear deluded enough to believe a single kid at the school he visited knew who he was. You throw me in a Jays jersey and BOOM I'm big league pitcher. Don't do drugs you little motherfuckers.


  1. Casey Janssen following Roy Halladay is like trying to be the band that plays after Bob Dylan.

  2. The Band could play after Bob Dylan, if they were alive.

  3. Don't make me quote Lisa's fantasy about being in the second best band in America again.

  4. The horror stores of torn labrums are starting to creep into my mind.....

  5. Still glogging? I didn't even know you were glogging.

    I hope these Bluebirds get those guys on the square base to that diamond shaped one so they get some of those points they want!!


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