Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brief Moment of Stylistic Outrage

I understand that David Dellucci used to hit home runs, but come on. His contact rates keep slip sliding away with age while his bad swings are up. In fact, the only time Dellucci did anything of substance were some very dubious years on the Texas Rangers. So let's call this what it is: a stab in the dark. Whatever, I guess left handed bats are good to have.

Which makes Mop Up Duty's post today all the more important. BRING UP BUCK DAMN COATS. He's doing PCL shaped things in Vegas, plays better defense than the existing carcasses and he's AWESOME. He's already amassed 17 steals!

Honestly, what's not to love about Buck Coats? FREE BUCK COATS!


  1. Cree Fuck Boats? I heard nothing of this in my high school history class.

  2. Coats at home (Vegas): .385/.420.515

    Coast on the road: .252/.333/.396

    As with the pitchers, beware the Vegas numbers.

  3. Those would be the PCL-shaped things I referenced.

    Coats offers more (defense in left rather than Lind) with a similar 26th man bat than the Looches of the world.

  4. The question is: Will a terrible bat in Left wuth good defense be better than Lind's bad defense and Delucci's semi-useful bat vs righties?

  5. subquestion: will Delucci's bat in fact be anything resembling useful?

  6. I could guesstimate that it will be slightly more useful than Millar vs righties, but the keyword is slighty, like maybe 5-8 points more of wOBA.

    TRAVIS COME BACK!!! (and be good).


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