Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Everybody's Hurt

Halladay to the DL with a groin injury. Scott Downs to the DL with an inexcusable injury. Inexcusable in that HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO RUN TO FIRST BASE. I know I come off like a ranting Toronto Star commenter, but let's be serious. I have no sympathy. None. Casey Janssen's got something wrong with his surgically repaired shoulder aside from it's inability to throw a baseball past a Major League hitter. All this happens on (IRONY ALERT) the same day Jays trainer George Poullis is named to the All-star team.

Bring on the kids

With Brad Mills on the way to replace Janssen, should we expect to see Brett Cecil take Halladay's turn? Fabio Castro? A shitballer to be named later? Things just got mighty real. Extra real when you consider 8 days rest Frasor, one-trick pony all out of tricks Jesse Carlson and leverage-adverse Brandon League are now holding down the back of the bullpen.

Luckily it Won't Matter Tonight

I've come a long way on Scott Richmond. I love his slider, I love his ability to get right handed hitters out. But he is going to get DESTROYED tonight by the Phils left handed sticks. Chutley, Ryan Howard, Raul, Victorino, even the Ghost of J-Roll is going to feast on maple-glazed Canuck tonight.

Guess Who's Back with the S1W's

While Stoeten of DJF points to Richard Griffin getting it right on Alex Rios and Nick Leyva coming together and dry humping the Jays chances to win until it was bruised and tender, I'd like to give Professor Griff credit for something. EFFUSIVE SCOTT ROLEN PRAISE!!
Scott Rolen is the best defensive third baseman the Jays have ever had and may be one of the best ever in the majors. Brooks Robinson leads the way. Rolen prepares and is as focused as anyone on the team.
Church Dick, church.


  1. The Blue Jays fail whale is priceless.

    Luckily, Richmond will only have to face 4/5 lefties tonight instead of the 7 in the Yankees lineup back in May. I pray that the Phillies don't rough him up too badly.

  2. Sometimes being wrong is awesome. I'm wrong often enough that things are generally awesome.

  3. Drew, you couldn't have been more wrong in your prediction about Scott Richmond's destruction by the Philly lefties, if you had tried.
    In fact you were so wrong that not only did their lefties do no damage at all, Richmond struck out a career high eleven, count them, eleven of them, and the only run was a solo shot by a righty!!
    Methinks that you doth underestimate the mental toughness of this Richmond kid.

  4. You are absolutely correct, I was dead wrong.

    I don't think I predicted Richmond would struggle because he wasn't mentally tough enough though. My "prediction" had to do with his complete and utter inability to get out left handed hitting all season. I tip my cap, he was ridiculous tonight.

  5. I think it's funny that he had what will probably be the best start of his entire career and you thought he would be destroyed. I make terrible predictions all the time, it's just weird I came across this page somewhat randomly tonight and saw that.

    Go Jays, I've got them +147, no reason Mills can't start the season like Romero/Richmond/Rey/Cecil did.


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