Friday, October 3, 2008

Canadian content

What do the networks want in the way of a World Series match up? I can tell you it isn't a Brewers - Rays final. I'm quite positive it isn't an Angels vs. Phillies clash either. Sure, a White Sox and Cubs series would be interesting and create an unimaginable buzz in the Windy city. If I was a betting man (which I most certainly am not), I'd put the smart money on the suits praying for a Dodgers - Red Sox World Series. Manny Ramirez returning to face his ex-mates on the grandest of all stages will sell a lot of ad time. The media circus that would ensue would be impossible to explain even with the use of every superlative you can fathom.

Speaking of superlatives: Jason Bay is amazing. Lighting up the Angels and making them wish they'd never won the West to begin with. After hitting a two-run bomb Wednesday, Bay connected again tonight launching a two-out, three-run Angel heartbreaker over the center field fence. Santana has to know you can't come with that weak shit to a Canuck. You'll be sorry every fucking time. You gotta locate son. Looking good so far in the eyes of network executives.


  1. Jason Bay is pretty fucking sick.

  2. Canuck "Export" Jason Bay has certainly "Foster"ed a considerable goodwill in Boston, where he's been living the "High Life" since his mid-season trade.

    I could go on...



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