Friday, October 3, 2008

Canadian content

What do the networks want in the way of a World Series match up? I can tell you it isn't a Brewers - Rays final. I'm quite positive it isn't an Angels vs. Phillies clash either. Sure, a White Sox and Cubs series would be interesting and create an unimaginable buzz in the Windy city. If I was a betting man (which I most certainly am not), I'd put the smart money on the suits praying for a Dodgers - Red Sox World Series. Manny Ramirez returning to face his ex-mates on the grandest of all stages will sell a lot of ad time. The media circus that would ensue would be impossible to explain even with the use of every superlative you can fathom.

Speaking of superlatives: Jason Bay is amazing. Lighting up the Angels and making them wish they'd never won the West to begin with. After hitting a two-run bomb Wednesday, Bay connected again tonight launching a two-out, three-run Angel heartbreaker over the center field fence. Santana has to know you can't come with that weak shit to a Canuck. You'll be sorry every fucking time. You gotta locate son. Looking good so far in the eyes of network executives.


  1. Canuck "Export" Jason Bay has certainly "Foster"ed a considerable goodwill in Boston, where he's been living the "High Life" since his mid-season trade.

    I could go on...



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