Monday, October 20, 2008

The Most Morally Satisfying Victory of All

It could kill my blogger persona, but I don't really hate the Red Sox. I really, really hate the right side of their infield and their closer, that much is true. But to say I "hate" the Sox would be inaccurate.

Call me the victim of 6 years of Simmons reprogramming, wall-to-wall TV coverage, and a roster full of characters like Manny and Papi, but I only dislike them as much as being a Jays fan demands of me.

I feel similarly about the Rays. Carlos Pena is awesome and apparently a good dude. Longoria - awesome. Upton - awesome. Both these teams are tough to hate. I didn't really care who won the ALCS. I'm happy it's a team I've deemed legitimate, not a so-called shitty team like Angels or Twins. Matt Garza's ALCS MVP win somehow validates the Blue Jays struggles against him all year long. The Jays finished behind the two best teams in the American League this year, I'm at peace with their fourth place finish.

That kind of validation feels okay, but knowing that Rocco's going to the World Series, that is pretty awesome. He even made a contribution tonight! He may not play every night, but he's there and I have something to cheer for during the World Series. Not quite a horse in the race; more like the jockey and I are friends because I let him sleep under my deck when he's drunk.


  1. Rayvolution, indeed.

    Trust me, I've got the hatred for the Red Sox covered for the both of us. Fuck them, and especially Papelbon.

  2. When Garza won, my first thought was how it ended all the complaints I saw this year about how Garza sucked each time he beat us.

    Personally, I'm really, really glad the Sox didn't get in because I find their sense of entitlement just as annoying as the Yankees. They're the same, as far as I'm concerned. And now I'm going to be rooting for the Phillies so the that Rays won't become unbearable next year either. And I'm not talking about the players so much (although I do hate Papelbon and Pedroia with a passion) as the fan bases.

  3. do you hate the left side of the Sox infield when Pukelis plays 3rd?

  4. I love Pena. A menschy, left-handed, strong-fielding, power-hittin', latino first baseman is exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up.

  5. Don't forget a latino first baseman turned adopted Sully from Haverhill Mass. Product of Northeastern, pissah!

  6. Oh and I hate when Yook plays third, though I will give him credit for bouncing from corner to corner with ease. I'm mostly ambivalent about Lowell.

  7. I would like to let go of the hatred, but part of my little lizard brain desperately wants to see Youk and Pedroia do the David Eckstein noggin smash on a pop-up between 1st and 2nd and put themselves on the DL for half a season plus.

    And yet I do kind of feel guilty for the bad mojo I cast on Carlos Quintana back on the day. Some seriously bad shit befell that dude, check his Wikipedia page...


  8. I can see the headline now: "Rocco wins World Series MVP, Lloyd the Barber shits his pants".

  9. If I'm lucky, it would only be shit.


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