Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some News You Can't Use

I'm getting sadder and sadder. I can literally count the number of baseball games remaining this season. Short of some dramatic comebacks, the World Series will start post haste. SEGUE ALERT!!! Speaking of comebacks, my boy David Chalk asked me to do a guest post about Rocco Baldelli over at Bugs & Cranks. I always appreciate the opportunity to fight the good fight, and I'm pretty proud of my little piece. Join the conversation with the commenters that simply don't get it, believing Mike Mussina to be the comeback player of the year because he sucked last year and didn't suck as much this year.

Thanks to friends in high places, you can officially find Ghostrunner on First at! The wonders of technology. That URL will bounce you back here to our lowly blogger home, but that may just change if Google continues to monitor, catalog and index my every thought.

The Ghostrunner season in review will be up tomorrow and some baseball related reviews will be on their way in the coming days as well. Just because the season's over doesn't mean I hate my job any less. I'm always on the lookout for something that isn't what I'm supposed to be doing. Send your hate to or and we all benefit.

There is no exciting Blue Jays news. Paul Beeston named president? Not exciting. Unless, as Jeff Blair suggests, it is some major powerplay to create an entertainment monopoly to rule this city with an iron fist. At which point I will be excited until the awful synergy forces me to gag on bush league soccer, forgotten Canadian football, and wacky folks pitching cellphone plan overload. These economic times spell the end of publicly funded ballparks, and thank fucking god for that. A new park is a nice pipe dream, but the Dome suits me just fine. So, bully for you interim president Paul Beeston. I still don't fucking care.

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  1. I too am fearing the days where the only baseball news we will be feeding off of is a Charlie "Wild Thing" Sheen spotting at Chili's.

    Congrats on the new URL! I am still a cheapass and am reluctant to pay the $9.95 to switch it over. Way to hook it up!


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