Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just because I'm back

The first time I was in Vegas with the Mrs., I didn't pay much attention to the sportsbooks, nor did I consider placing a wager on an upcoming sporting event. Having just returned from a trainwreck weekend in Sin City I've realized that the entire fucking city revolves around betting on and handicapping every sport imaginable. It's absolute fucking insanity. Before the Rays, Red Sox game on Saturday it looked like you have a hard time moving in the sportsbook at the Wynn and every single television (close to a thousand I'd estimate) were fixed on the pregame show. The usual collection of college & NFL football lunatics in combination with the MLB playoffs have the town absolutely overrun by degenerate sports gamblers looking to strike it big, hopefully before losing their next mortgage payment.

Whilst on my excursion I did catch much a great deal of playoff baseball. I realized something finally while watching the Rays rip the Red Sox at Fenway Park: the Rays are fucking good. They're not only good; they're playing like champions. I'll be the first to admit I never saw it coming, even when the signs were there that they just might be for real, I still didn't believe it. I guess all it took was a 3-1 series lead in the ALCS before I finally did. Better late than never I suppose, but well done Tampa Bay. Seems the Dodgers, Red Sox series everyone from hoping for is going up in smoke in favour of the ratings bonanza of Philadelphia and Tampa Bay. I could care less as it's still baseball and the two deserving teams will be playing.

In other news, the victorious Conservatives gained a larger minority government last night in the most pathetic election ever held in Canada. It's great to see that 58% of registered scumbags got off their sorry asses and got out to cast a ballot. I can't wait until the next election, which won't be more than 6-12 months away.

Advice - Drinking your way though a seventeen hour session of NL Texas Hold'em may seem like a good idea when you've got basically every chip from every person that made the mistake of sitting down at your table, but you fucking pay for it the next day...and day after that.

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  1. I'm pretty sure the Wynn is a lot like heaven. Except in heaven, you win.


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