Friday, October 3, 2008

Return to the Depressing Reality

When Does Spring Training Start?
Fall has certainly fallen. The depressing cold air that descended on the city only magnifies the other ugliness well under way. I was confronted by this horrific truth of winter in Toronto when out for dinner with Ms. Moseby the Architect. We chose a solid neighbourhood pub, a good little bar where all people of all stripe can gather. The kind of bar where two tough-looking Russian guys can sit side-by-side in a booth, order a pitcher of beer and a glass of orange juice and feel welcome. Except I didn't feel welcomed, I felt shunned. I took my seat and what did I see? 1 small TV showing PLAYOFF baseball, 3 TVs showing CFL football, and 6 TVs, including the giant projection screen, showing a preseason hockey game.

Don't these people realize what is on the line here? ROCCO IS IN THE PLAYOFFS!!! Dude drove in an insurance run and scored (from first!) on a 150 foot bloop-double in his postseason debut. I'm sure Jiri Tulusty cutting down his stick is crucial to the Leafs quest for Jon Tavarez, but I'd rather watch the world sepak takraw championships than preseason hockey. But I live in Toronto, so it is all Leafs all the time until spring.

Except on the glorious internet!! Lots of exciting baseball action over Walkoff Walk way this weekend. I'll be glogging and mocking in my usual style; be sure to stop by. Sign the heck up to be a commenter while you're there. There aren't enough Jays commenters to back up my aversion to National League baseball. It's fun to watch, but people bunt ALL THE TIME. Who needs outs? It's not like they're your most valuable commodity.


  1. Pre-season hockey should be illegal to broadcast. Especially during baseball playdowns.

  2. I'm a huge hockey fan. I would say I'm one of the few who is as big a hockey fan as a baseball fan. But not even I can comprehend the ridiculous levels of hockey broadcasting we've reached here in the true north strong and free.

    On the second last day of the regular season, with pennant races in full effect, at 11 PM Sportsnet shows a half hour show of "Hockey Central" pre-season edition. Now, I live in a closet, with basic cable, so Sportsnet is all I got. I went batshit. Who the fuck gives a fuck about pre-season mother fucking hockey, when pennant races are in full effect and the MLB playoffs are about to start?

    Ten years ago, pre-season hockey was never on TV. Now, every night it's either the Leafs or Habs, and SportsNet Connected starts off with hockey highlights. It's absolutely insane.

    That is all. Go Rays.

  3. CFL Football on TV? Ugh ... you might as well have been watching the Food Network.


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