Monday, October 27, 2008

Listen to Your Heart, Joe Maddon

You seem like a smart guy, and I'm sure you employ new fangled baseball stats on a daily basis. Today is one time to ignore all that bunkum.

Right FielderWPATeam Record in Playoff Starts
Gabe Gross-0.443-3
Ben Zobrist-0.020-3
Rocco Baldelli-0.044-1

Just do it Joe, you know it feels right. Your team has its back to the wall, facing the brink, is drowning in cliche. You have nothing to lose. You're getting less production out of right field than if you left it empty. Your team's won 3 outta 4 in Rocco's starts, almost in spite of him. But fuck that noise Joe, do what is right. NOTHING TO LOSE!

Except a fairweather fanbase waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It's just that simple Joe. He plays, you win. Everyone wins in the end. Everyone.


Joe Maddon knows what the fuck is up.

This post brought to you by the Murder City Devils and my wholly unsatisfying job.

Fancypants playoff WPA via Fangraphs.

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