Friday, February 27, 2009

A Mild Smattering of Indifferent Hope

After all the scaremongering and doomsaying, it's nice to have a ray of light shine into your day. Last night I was ejected from the subway tunnels resulting in a forced march down Bloor Street. Turns out there was a a "security investigation" down the line that stopped the trains (Hey Broseph, I got a suspicious package for ya!). I stepped into a local confectionery to gaze at the magazine rack, where I encountered a sight more glorious than unexpected nudity in a movie of substance.

That's right, the Jays are the new Rays question mark. Big League Stew's been tracking everyone accused of being the New Rays, and it's pretty much every team that was awful last year. Nevermind that this magazine is the Jays season preview magazine, one that was designed for sales in Canada only (hello Morneau!). This is hope! This is a sign that they've got pieces in place!

Actually, this is kind of insulting. The Rays? Is this to say that the Jays were in the same sort of dire straights as the Rays? Fuck. That. The Jays may exist in baseball limbo, baseball purgatory, but they certainly do not exist in the seventh circle of baseball hell!


  1. I'm with you. What the fuck kind of sideways compliment is that?

  2. yeah, um 86 fucking wins is not exactly sucking...

    the al east sucks sometimes...

  3. I know it's only been three games but I'm LOVING the way our young arms are looking. Fuck big signings, the Jays grow good arms.

    I think we're going to be able to slap a solid rotation together. Clement has a few bad outings with the club as the 5th starter? Bring up Cecil or Richmond. And now Mills is entering the mix. Love it.

  4. No offense, this is like winning Comeback Player of the Year.

    So inherently insulting


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