Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reverse one and a half somersaults with three and a half twists, in the Free position

Credibility - CrushedJ.P. Riccardi, our Lord and master, has decided that competing in the American League East is not enough of a task. He's opted to add some degrees of difficulty. Already hamstrung with a shrinking budget, JP's turned to the scrap heap in his search of available talent. This method has merit, but I'm beginning to question some of the acquisitions. In general: Really old Japanese guys. Specifically: Matt Bush.

A guy picked first overall is obviously a good athlete, but a no bat shortstop turned pitcher at age 22? Sounds dubious. I recognize that Shaun Marcum was a similar case, but he pitched in college and isn't a huge douchebag. I'm all for plugging holes with no cost/no risk projects, but what is Matt Bush's ceiling? Double A roster filler? Aren't there dozens and dozens of dudes, far hungrier having missed out on signing bonus money, that could fill the exact same non-role? A guy like Bryan Bullington I get, and support. Matt Bush just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

On Controversy

I have very little to say about Alomar & Rodriquez. Just know this: the amount of outrage & coverage that an alleged steroid abuser gets compared to KNOWN wife beaters and drunk drivers is disgusting. Will Tony LaRussa be kept out of the Hall of Fame after putting numerous innocent people's lives at risk? Absolutely not. Sports are important, and a huge part of all our lives. But when my first thought is "I wonder how this will affect his legacy" not "what a horrible set of accusations, if they're true he's one of the worst humans on Earth" I wish it was less-so.

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