Thursday, February 26, 2009

CHONE Bones Jays

What a shock. Another projection system, another frightening Jays win total. CHONE reaches a new low, establishing the Jays as a 75 win team. Le Sigh.

Good old CHONE figures the Yanks for 97 wins and the Sox for 96. You can read the full list here, as well as their power ranking that ranks the Jays 12th. Whatever.

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They're actually playing baseball, like right now! I'll attempt to have something interesting to say about tomorrow. No promises.


  1. I guess maybe part of the justification for the Jays win total being so low is that if division mates like the Yankees and Sawx are projected to win over 90 games, then somebody has to lose those division matchups. Unless the Bluebirds sweep all the interleague matchups, Central and West series.

  2. Does CHONE's projection for the Jays include the 13 starts he thinks we'll give Gustavo Chacin for a 5.70 ERA? Because that's gotta cost him some credibility.

  3. CHONE accounts for the schedule I think, he has the Jays "ranked" higher than teams with bigger win totals.

    That's a good question Torgen, we should bombard him with emails to find out.

  4. 12th in the power rankings yet under .500?

    Why does ANYONE pay any attention to these damned fool systems?

    Torgen's observation is salient.


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