Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Sad Day

There is a great chance that I've already posted this video, but Conan's moving on to LA and I think it stinks. Either way, enjoy the best 8 minutes of baseball footage that doesn't involve Harry Leroy Halladay.


  1. This was high-larious, but I also recall an ooolllld segment, I think during the '94 strike year, where Conan hosted a game between the "Old Sox", led by Carl "Oldie" Olson, facing off against the Turbo Ninjas (a bunch of 8 year old kids).

    Conan = awesome.

  2. I saw the last show last night. It's pretty sad that he's going to LA. Conan belongs in NYC.

    This remote is great, as are all of his remote skits. Check out Picking Apples With Mr T, Birdwatching, Conan goes to Santa school, Conan on Martha Stewart, all of them...

    Oh and fuck Jay Leno

  3. This was the best bit Conan ever did. I've watched this at least 10 times over the years and it never stops being funny.


  4. I have a feeling that Conan would fit in very well in the 1800's.


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