Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Importance of Giving Thanks

Give thanks any way you can. Sometimes you visit a soup kitchen, sometimes you sponsor Roy Halladay's Pitch F/X entries on Brooks Baseball.Net. Nerds need love too. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


  1. Money well spent, Drew. It was worth every damn penny, congrats my friend!

  2. You need to change the link to the epic "Day in the life" Halladay post...

  3. I feel like being a prick today, and this is the perfect place to be one, especially in response to this thread post.

    I will now rank, and evaluate the long list of Jays bloggers, from worst to best:

    1) Hum and Chuck: Joanna thinks she's smart. But she doesn't know shit about baseball. Neither does her Dad.

    2) All Your Base Are Belong to Rios: Great name. Too bad the illiterate fuck can't write anything.

    3) Blue Jay Hunter: A like-able little man, although his analysis is weak. Very weak.

    4) Sports in the City: A parrot, like no other, who parrots the other, smarter bloggers, who are also parrots themselves. A wannabe "rudey", or "rude bwoy", if you will.

    5) Bluebird Banter: A collection of stooges who think they know it all, but really know shit all.

    6) Drunk Jays fans: Worn out, high-horse sitting motherfuckers, who breed more hate than a Sudanese militia during Ramadan.

    7) Ghostrunner on First: Thinks he's super witty and smart, but his wit and dark humour are of the corny variety. And oh ya, FUCK ROCCO BALDELLI.

    8) The Southpaw: Sound analysis and great minor league information, although he can't spell, or construct a proper sentence to save his fucking life.

    9) Batter's Box: The oldest, and best Blue Jays blog, if you want to fall asleep or lapse into a coma like the old cunts who contribute to it already have.

    10) Tao of Stieb: A real treat for anyone looking for a good mix of analysis and wit, although his multiple-personality disorder was getting old in 2008.

    I know, there are many other Jays blogs, but they are less significant than a Ken Takahashi signing, and they can all fuck right off, because I don't read their shitty "articles" anyway.

    I will however, give a big shout out to MLBastian and Mike Wilner, who actually have some clout, as opposed to you clowns who parrot them for attention. Oh ya, Go Jays Go is also legit, as its contributor knows how to shut the fuck up.

    Thank you, and fuck off Parkes.

  4. Hmmm Ken, IS this the perfect place to be one? DJF was the perfect place to be one just 40 minutes earlier. Something stinks, more than your Mockingbirdless list.


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