Friday, October 9, 2009

Red Flag Fridays!

While the playoffs heat up for some lucky fans and the covetous eyes of the also-rans dart across the free agent lists, I figured it attempt to throw some cold water on some of the scarier whispers I've heard.

Jeff Blair took time away from glaring at babies and building a shrine to Saint Joe Strummer to announce his presidency of the Orlando Cabrera fan club. Frighteningly enough, Blair points to new Jays GM A.A. Milne as the driving force behind the rumored "sign and trade" that may have been in the works this past winter. While getting around the Type A draft pick sacrifice would be a deft bit of business, I'll reiterate what I said in March: fuck no to O Cab. As much as I enjoy aging me-first malcontents that don't get on base, I think I'll pass. You can talk about winners all you want, but showing up the umpire in a one-game playoff because you don't like a strike one call is horseshit. Doubly so when you KNOW he won't throw you out because of the situation.

Remember when I said "fuck no" to Jason Bay last month? Well the much-smarter people at U.S.S. Mariner chimed in and offered their own "fuck no" to the local boy that is Canadian lives in the area and hits for power.

Some of the reasons he doesn't work in Seattle don't apply here (his bad defense won't be made to look worse as in gigantic Safeco Field) but the rest applies. Age. Decline Phase. Old Player Skills. Too much money for too many years. Enough.

Image courtesy of Flikr user /sizemore/. Topical!


  1. OK, so who is on your wish list? (Other than Adrian Beltre.)

  2. My wish list? A GM that doesn't let every red cent burn a hole in his pocket. I'll expand on that next week.


    Money talks. Yankees, Angels and Red Sox are all above $100 million. The Twins...fuck 'em, they play in the Central.

  4. Drew, we're on the same page here--fuck no to OrCab for Dummies and Jason "my UZR is a great golf score" Bay. Unfortunately, this year's FA crop blows.

  5. Why yes to Ocab and no to Scutaro, pro-Ocab people? Just money?

  6. I hope no to both. Age is huge.


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