Sunday, October 4, 2009


Why oh why Brandon League, why did you have to leave such a bitter taste in my mouth for the next 5 months? Not because you cost the Jays a game that meant less than nothing, but because you exhausted the goodwill I spent ALL SEASON building up for you. Nobody else gives a good god damn about you Brandon League, but I've convinced myself and at least one of my dozen readers that you are the second coming! You didn't have a superduper year, but you made The Step which precedes The Leap you are going to make next year as you head into free agency!

Now Brandon, they call it "Fielding Indepedent Pitching" for a reason, it's based on the components rates and averages you produce that help create outs. Low walks? Yup, you got it. Ground balls? Yup, you generate them. Strike outs? You piled up this year. Home runs? You manage to only give them up at the exact worst moment! Basically, this evaluative stat gives you the benefit of the doubt, working under the assumption that the guys behind you are boobs. What this stat can't do for you, Brandon, is account for your own errors. Nor can it TEACH YOU TO THROW THE BALL TO FIRST BASE LIKE A MAN. Sigh.


  1. "Things are symbols of themselves." Allen Ginsberg via the Buddha

  2. Sorry Drew, kind of a crappy way to end the season - a one-run loss in extra innings by the hand of Brandon League on a throwing error.

    I bet that he will take fielding drills in the offseason like a mad man.

  3. ugh... tell me about it.

    i've definitely been a big supporter of league, and your stats and numbers definitely gave me hope for something impressive from this man.

    yesterdays game was shit on a stick from him, but i still have a feeling that he'll come back next year and blow us away, coz the numbers... i just can't let go of those numbers...

  4. Here I was expecting just an embedded video of MLK saying "free at last" in response to JP...

    Bro crushes before corporate hos!

  5. A League of his own. With a season like this one, how can Brandon League not be anything but a Blue Jay? League for Life (mercifully?).


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