Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Most definitely eating my words

Raise your hand if you thought the Tampa Bay Rays would have the best record in Major League baseball on July 8th. You did? Fuck you, no you didn't. Unless you're from Tampa Bay, or for some fucked up reason cheer for a team that has been horrific since its inception; you're full of shit.

Granted, it was understood that the Rays were headed in the right direction and were an improved team. There were even some crazy bastards who thought they just might surprise everyone and finish ahead of the Yankees. Shit, we here at Ghostrunner had the Rays pegged to finish 4th place behind the much improved Toronto Blue Jays, but what the fuck do we know?

The Rays can run (see Carl Crawford or BJ Upton), they can hit (see Evan Longoria, much to my surprise) and they seem to have figured out how to get opposing players out. All of this along with the inspirational Rocco to guide them has these upstarts making believers out of baseball fans.

So I'll just sit here and pine as the Jays continually struggle to score even one run behind often masterful pitching while Tampa continue to prove everybody wrong. Every once in awhile things go right for a team and the stars align. It would seem for Tampa, at least for the moment, that winning is contagious.


  1. You guys have really great taste in boobies. Keep up the good work!


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