Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekend in Brief

The New York Yankees - Instantly Hateable Since 1903

While the Red Sox Nation seems to have taken over as the preeminent home to omnipresent front runners and white-hatted douche bags; the Yankees continue their proud tradition of inducing rage. Despite this being the year when they finally fall from grace, they still boil my blood and send me reaching for my 222's. IT IS MY RIGHT AS A CANADIAN.

Fun with Baseball Reference

Jesse and I were recently discussing the evolution of Three True Outcome guys and the birth of the Patient Slugger. Jesse Barfield (not far from a three outcome guy) brought up Jack Clark, a guy that didn't get the level of recognition he likely deserved. His 1987 season was clearly ahead of the game. 136 walks, 139 K's. Leading the league in OBP and slugging (and therefore OPS) with a cool 35 home runs. Billy Beane would be proud. Of course, in 1987 numbers like that wouldn't get you the MVP. Andre Dawson's much more HR & RBI happy year landed him the hardware in the NL; while George "You can't walk off the island" Bell won in the AL. Understandable, but Jack Clark finished behind OZZIE SMITH in the MVP voting!!! That OPS+ of 105 really swung the vote. There is hope for Johnny Mac yet.

While Jack Clark was a revelation, I wondered about Rob Deer, Dave Kingman et al. Were they truly all or nothing sluggers, or early versions of Adam Dunn & Ryan Howard. Frankly, No. They were pretty terrible. Historically, mind-blowingly terrible in fact.

Dave Kingman had a 1982 season to remember. 35 home runs, not bad at all. Getting on base at a .285 clip, alright. Those were the times. Wait a damn minute, does that say he hit 35 home runs and ONLY HAD 9 (NINE) 9 DOUBLES ALL YEAR LONG???? Jesus Mary and Joseph it does!!! 9 doubles!!! 35 home runs and 9 doubles! That doesn't even seem possible. This was 1982, there was AstroTurf everywhere. You'd think a couple would have bounced over the fence? Taken one off the wall instead of over? My brain hurts but my heart soars. Dave Kingman, you are a credit to fat dudes everywhere; and accomplished something that makes such a small amount of sense that I am in awe. Congratulations.

The Midsummer Classic

Who gives a shit? Keep checking this space when people aren't playing games, as we'll try and keep you entertained while the Evan Longoria tries not to ruin his swing. Some blasts from Blue Jay past, the Mormon with no name and perhaps a visit from JP...

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