Friday, July 25, 2008

News To Use At Your Lesuire

The last time the Jays faced the Mariners, I shit all over the M's only to see them take 2 of 3 from the Torontos. The Mariners are now leaner, having volunteered Richie Sexson to be this year's corpse in a Yankees Jersey who suddenly bursts back to life. The M's slump into Toronto with only one win since the All Star break; and will send three wise wizards with wins o'four to the mound in the forms of Miguel Batista, Carlos Silva and Jarrod Washburn. Brave warriors that take to the hill armed only with respective ERA+ of 58, 71 and 84.

All is not lost for the M's though. Brandon Morrow is not of this Earth. On numerous occasions I have staved off slumber just for the pleasure of watching him mop up meaningless games with sheer gas. Easy, effortless, triple digit gas. 44 Ks in 33 2/3 innings? Yikes. He's pitched 4 innings against the Jays this season, notching 5 strikeouts and allowing but one baserunner. It is sad to say that other than Ichiro and Morrow, the only thing Seattle has going for it is the always impressive U.S.S. Mariner, among the best in Blogri-La

Take a Spin Around the GlobeFinally, I have a very exciting personal announcement. Starting tomorrow, I will be the new Weekend Editor at Walk Off Walk. Their exhaustive search for a sufficiently qualified aging hardcore kid with a baseball blog came up empty, so they were forced to ask me to take the reins on the weekends. I'm really excited to do it, and hope some Blue Jay-type people come and check it out. The men in charge are Red Sox/Yankee fans, so a little Cancon will be certainly appreciated. It will be business as usual here at Ghostrunner on First: your source for third-hand Blue Jays news, recycled opinion and low-to-middle concept comedy.


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