Friday, July 25, 2008

Flashback Friday

Nothing says Flashback Friday like Danny fucking Cox. Could it be we're running out of ex-Jays to flashback with at the end of every week? Danny spent three heroic years here in the Big Smoke, winning nine games while losing ten. I'm sure we would have gone all out had he actually been a .500 pitcher during his time here. Sadly, he fell one win short of us rolling out the red carpet. At least he's still rocking the a mean hillbilly dick duster.

What isn't a surprise is Adam Lind continuing to make believers out of the entire city. He picked up two more hits and scored a run tonight, raising his average to .312 (and Slugging % to .531!) in the process.

Sadly, Scott Rolen is still having problems actually seeing the baseball, which is a key part to being a productive hitter at the Major League or any level. Thank Jebus for his ridiculous glove. I hope Lloyd doesn't chastise me too badly for that. Ed. Note: The Greatest Blue Jay of All Time is simple the Greatest Blue Jay Of All Time That Looks Lost at the Plate Right now.

Shit, Seattle is bad. I feel horribly for Ghostrunner mancrush Ichiro being surrounded by a bunch of underachievers...well not too horribly. This collection of clowns are on their way to 100+ losses without a doubt.

Other bright spots tonight is Matt Stairs, who's been long overdue to get his shit together. Much like the Jays bullpen, which has and will no doubt continue to be solid from here on in. 10 games over .500? I say without equivocation most definitely maybe. But what the fuck do I know.

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