Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jays Have Entire Night to Think of New Ways to Break Our Hearts

Jesse fights for his job in Da CuseMediocre headcase (who happens to be leading the AL in strikeouts) that is always hurt (yet is 7th in the AL in innings pitched this season and has started 5 times in 19 days) AJ Burnett was delivered another cosmic screwjob. He looked great, striking out the side in the bottom of 5. But he'll be forced into doing his best Erik Bedard impression for the rest of this one: watching from the dugout after 5 innings. Maybe he'll offer to start again on short rest? He's just the type of selfish prick to do that sort of thing. Jay fans are hilarious. Erik Bedard has been presented by the media as a selfish, aloof, me-first prick. Yet each of the last three off seasons featured people around here begging for his arrival. He would get standing ovations, he would have carte blache. But he's Canadian, just like free-pass holder Matt Stairs.

Wilner believes they won't finish this game tomorrow as it is getaway day. The Jays have to make the long flight to, uh, Toronto. While the Orioles are off to darkest...Baltimore? Bullshit. Turns out they are finish this game tomorrow before the getaway game. Halladay is starting so they won't even have to change flight times. The completion game is calling out for a Brandon League door-slamming. Go on Cito, what to you have to lose?

In a somewhat shocking move, the Jays slapped Jesse Litsch down to Syracuse like the red headed stepchild he had become. David Purcey is headed back up, which will no doubt send shivers across Avail tattoos all over Western Ontario. Hopefully he gets a start against a non-right hander-heavy juggernaut to give him a fighting chance. Seattle sounds just about right.


  1. I do not lament the demise of young Ginger Tits.

  2. Erik Bedard has been presented by the media as a selfish, aloof, me-first prick

    The media that cries because he won't talk to them? Good that there are fans ignoring the pompous ass whinners.


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