Thursday, May 14, 2009

CC you in Hell

Yesterday's hangover game left me feeling ambivalent about tonight's affair. Johnny Mac gets a start as Cito goes with all lefties? Sweet. I'm sure Adam Lind needs a day off after his vigorous start to the year. Another series win would certainly be a good thing. Against CC it seems less likely, except he's been damn near mortal this season.

Not true, actually. Sabathia demolished the OriLOLs with a complete game last time out. On the whole; his Ks are a little down as are his strand rate and home runs allowed. His contact numbers are slightly higher but the Jays have their hands full either way. Thus the appearance of secret offensive machine John MacDonald.

Assorted Randomness

  • Holy fucking shit, The Road finally has a release date AND A TRAILER. Bonerbonerbonerboner. I'll admit I don't love the style of the trailer, but it'll likely do a better job of selling the movie to those yet to read the book than shouting "THIS MOVIE WILL INJURE YOUR SOUL AND CRUSH YOUR WILL TO LIVE." Release date is October 16th, judging by the tone of the trailer it will be a nice depressing counterpoint to the elation of the Jays playoff run. P!
  • The good people at Beyond the Boxscore are doing what good nerds do: searching for newer and better ways to evaluate pitchers. Whiff rates, IWZ (rate of pitches inside a wider zone at the top & bottom of the strike zone), chase rates and ratio of 0-1 counts to 1-0 counts. Awesome stuff, and good indications of quality pitching. Unsurprisingly, Roy Halladay pounds the bottom and corners of the strikezone, ranking high in IWZ and A:B counts. Good to see Scott Downs all over the relievers side of things, scoring high Definitely click through and check it out.
  • The Padres are planning a firesale. If only their roster featured something of value. Kouzmanoff for a song might be a nice complimentary piece for 2010 in exchange for a somewhat superfluous starting arm.
  • The Baseball Analysts look at run value based on pitch type. Lots of pretty graphs and Roy Halladay's name caught my attention. I'm simple that way.
That's it for now, look for a welcome visit from a regular guest here tomorrow.

DVP image courtesy of Ace Showbiz


  1. I have to feel like Adrian Gonzalez counts as something of value.

  2. This might not go over so well but I wasn't a big fan of The Road even though I love McCarthy. I'm more pumped for the release of Blood Meridian.

    /literary fag comment

  3. What would it take to get Adrian Gonzalez? I'm pretty much up for anything that doesn't involve Doc or Snider.

  4. If they're rebuilding then would they even want Doc? I assume young pitching is the start of the discussion, and possibly some part of our minor league second base logjam? I also want to know where we move Overbay in this situation.


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