Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moneyed Misanthrope Meets Machine-like Mentor in Mid-Sized May Match Up

It doesn't get much better than this. Do us right Toronto, do us right.

As Mop Up Duty pointed out, the Jays have a few guys known to kill fastballs. Especially first pitch fastballs. The Jays haven't faired well against power pitchers this year, quite the opposite of the three preceding seasons. If the patient guys can wait out his fastballs and the eager guys can jump all over his fastballs, hopefully it will neuter his Hammer of Doom

A motivated Burnett can be a scary thing, so here's hoping for a tight strike zone early on. Like a college girl with daddy issues, I could go for a good hatefucking tonight.


  1. Realistically, could it have been any better? It's been 4 hours since the game ended and I'm still smiling.

  2. The cool thing about the season so far is that Jays really haven't be all that lucky. Their 3rd order record is 21.4 and 13.6, so 1.6 over their Pythag, but plenty of teams are in the same range and the Red Sox have been really lucky. And as everyone predicted, the Rays luck from last year is coming back to regress on their asses. http://www.baseballprospectus.com/statistics/standings.php

    The Jays are 8th in BABIP at .320 which might be sustainable and if not, it won't drop much. They're 5th in LD% at 20% but this is more of a case of the lower teams struggling than the Jays overperforming so this is sustainable as well. And their HR/FB is around the league avg so they haven't been lucky with HRs either.

    On the pitching side, their LD%, LOB%, and HR/FB are all middle of the pick. The BABIP has been a little lucky at .284 but last year they were .292 so it won't drop by much. Their FIP is also very sustainable.

    Barring injuries again, I think this team is for real


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