Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chin Chin

A tough, extra innings loss can really weigh on your conscience. No matter how it went wrong, you can always point to a moment where it could have turned around. Best to wake up early, make sure your shit's tight (hair, beard, hobo novelty sideburns, or whatever), pull on your best suit and look forward with purpose. A positive mental outlook makes it easy to soldier on.

One note on your suit. Styles change with time. Ties get short and fat, long and skinny, short and skinny, long and fat (like yer moms) but one thing will always be true: when you're wearing A CECILLIAN NECKTIE, nothing bad will ever happen.

The future is now friends, best look the part.


  1. That went well. I'm going to Patrick Bateman a couple ladies of the night to celebrate

  2. As long as you do it while playing "Hip To Be Square," I see no problems.

  3. Cecil Time was well worth the wait.

    Drew, I read in The Star yesterday that Cito is no longer talking to Snider in-between at-bats. Cito said Sniderman said that he was getting too much information. I like the fact the kid was able to say, hey, too much at me at once. Cito is letting him work himself out now. And, what do you know, two hits yesterday.


  4. Good call. Hopefully that helps, that and adjusting his approach sound like positive steps.


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