Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Like Idiotic Moths to the Flame

Here's a news flash for you: Mike Toth is an idiot. I'm almost embarrassed to take the bait here, but what the fuck is Toth thinking? Halladay should make time for local hacks (or worse, someone like me) to ask the same mundane question over and over? While Toth's prep-work for his job seems to entail stealing bad jokes from retirement home comics, Halladay's kind of a big deal. Toth's decision to compare him to Clemens and Carlton may have some merit, except no one considers Roy to be a "selfish boor." His teammates love him, they look up to him and learn from him. Was Halladay acting as like a selfish boor when he worked out with Jesse Litsch all winter, helping him prepare for his (small b) breakout season?

Kid gloves? What kind of expose/takedown did you have in mind Mr Woodward? Should Roy Halladay be more like your previously identified idol Gary Carter? The kind of jackass who, if his teammates needed to find, the best place to look would be "in front of the nearest camera." You're right Tother, Roy fucking Halladay needs to be more of a selfish, self-promoting clown like Gary Carter and less of a strike-throwing, humongous return on investment to his employer supplying machine and more of a loud-mouthed shill. Thanks for pointing that out.

Toronto the Pathetic

Last night's turnout: awesome. Toronto's steadfast insistence to prove Jeff Passan right? Not so hot. What the fuck is up with this town and the pathetic inferiority complex? You flew from Calgary to boo AJ Burnett? YOU'RE AN IDIOT. What does it prove?

Read this piece on Andrew Reilly of The 35th Street Review's trip to Philadelphia. Is that how you want to end up? A bunch of sad, impossibly bitter losers living only to spew scorn for the sake of scorn. If you booed Carlos Delgado: you're an idiot. If you still boo Vince Carter, you're an idiot. GET OVER IT. HE'S BEEN GONE LONGER THAN HE WAS HERE. He's the best player the Raptors have ever and will ever see. Such pettiness is pretty unbecoming from a city that loves to fashion itself so decidedly un-American.

Boo A-Rod, boo the Youkilis, have a good time with it. But trying to conjour up animosity for former players who had the AUDACITY to leave your fair city? Get a fucking life.

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  1. Drew, the point of my post wasn't that Passan is wrong about Jays fans. Passan can think what he likes about us. Perochial? Homers? Sure, whatever. I don't really give a shit. The point of my post was to point out that saying Halladay deserved the 2008 Cy isn't as ridiculous as he made it out to be. That's what I was getting it. Dustin "Fuck Off" Parkes' rip-off of my post was taking aim at Passan.

    I've maintained from day one that I don't blame A.J. Burnett for leaving. I would have done the same. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't boo him. I boo him not because he left, but b/c he now plays for the Yankees; the enemy.

    And Toth is ... fuck it. He's not even worth the time.

  2. I didn't link to your post because I disagreed with your position, I linked it because it discussed the topic at hand.

    I do agree with Passan that Toronto is hopelessly parochial to the point of farce. In Parkes post he referenced booing Zaun? WHY BOO ZAUN? Nobody booed him when he was here, that's for sure. Toronto has a chip on its shoulder, it seems. Anyone that leaves and/or asks out, Torontonians take it as a personal slight. Get over it, relax and have fun at the ball game.


  3. Yeah, I'm the last guy to argue being a homer and parochial (to the point where I'm annoying, apparently). Guilty as charged. (Pennant!!!1)

    But I agree with you about Zaun. He never did anything to deserve the boo-age. Unless you consider steroids. But then you should be booing everyone except Halladay.

    Guys like Vince Carter, well, I'm of the mindset that he should know the depths of his douchebaggery, via boo's and taunts about his mother, until the end of time.

    And total agreement on Delgado; if you boo'd him, you should be dead.

  4. Toth is the fucking WORST. I'd take 24/7 Jamie Campbell over an hour of Toth any day.

    Yea, see, I went both ways. I remember saying to my brother while they were booing A.J. as he walked off that it was hilarious and harsh.

    Was it too much? Yea, it was insane. But I thought it was fun overall. The people that I talked to who were at the game said no one was malicious or trying to start anything serious. They just boo'd and boo'd loud.

    I thought it was fun to watch on T.V. and was glad to see that much intensity from the crowd. Hopefully they get 30,000 out tonight to boo just one guy and support the Jays.

  5. It just seems out of proportion and inconsistent. Burnett's last appearance as a Jays he got a huge standing O curtain call. So he took his contract out for more money and no he's public enemy number one. He said All the Right Things all spring long and in the lead up to the game. Yet he gets bombarded with boos. Sad.

  6. He won't get booed like that again, I don't imagine. And I think that's the point. He left us, the majority of us understand why, and would have done the same, but I think it was in our best interest to get into his head last night. To let him know that, hey, you're not wearing the proper jersey anymore, and we're going to let you have it. What's the harm in that?

  7. I sent this email to Toth:

    "He refused to pitch at the World Baseball Classic in Toronto last March, even though his participation would have been a huge help in promoting baseball in the city."

    You know what else would be a huge help in promoting baseball in the city? You guys actually doing your job and covering the game. Last night, after one of the most electrifying games in recent Jays history, another great performance from Doc with 43,000 fans in attendance, the return of AJ Burnett, etc., the first thing we got to see on Sportsnet was hockey highlights, specifically hockey FIGHTS. The front page story on your website was hockey-related, as with the Toronto Star, the Fan 590, and every other major newspaper and website. Your network even cut out games that it was going to televise and sent them to a channel, TSN2, that most people don't even get. And you want Doc to promote baseball in the city? You mean he's not doing that enough already? Why don't YOU give ME a break with that nonsense.

    "The fact is, Halladay has never come close to pitching in a playoff game and the incredible atmosphere during the Canada-USA tilt at the WBC would seem to be a much better preparation exercise than facing the Pirates on a Tuesday down in Dunedin."

    Listen, maybe you haven't followed the Jays the last 10 years, but I'm pretty sure Roy Halladay has never ever needed something to motivate himself or get pumped for a game. This is a guy who throws his side-sessions on off days as hard as and with as much focus and intensity as an actual game. Brad Arnsberg has said that he has to tell Roy to "take it easy" during these off day sessions and Doc responds, "I am taking it easy". This is a guy who has no on/off switch; he's always on. So I'm left to just assume that you're simply taking a shot at Doc for not making the playoffs or that he's not a big game pitcher, which you would be insane to do.

    "Halladay is also well-known for talking to the media only when he sees fit and heading into his much-anticipated showdown with former Jays teammate A.J. Burnett, Doc decided to keep his thoughts to himself."

    Yea, what a jerk Doc is, right? He should've called a press conference or told a reporter that he was going to destroy his friend AJ Burnett and show him who's boss. That would've really helped "promote baseball in the city".

    "But nice guy or not, it's a joke that Halladay wasn't willing to burst his Zen-like bubble to share a few words on the network that carries the Jays games. People at home, who pay Halladay's huge salary, deserve a lot more than that."

    Wow, you're joking right? First of all, Doc gave an interview to Sportsnet right after the game, did he not? And don't pretend like Sportsnet is so devoted to the Jays and that you go out of your way to cover them. Your network doesn't even carry all the Jays games, and would gladly show more hockey if it could. Don't give me this holier-than-thou stance about fans deserving more from Doc. He has accepted a lower salary to be with this team; he could easily have asked for a trade to a better team any number of times. Doc doesn't owe you or the fans anything more than he has already given us.

    Seriously Mike, please stick to blabbering about hockey. It's bad enough you do that, but then when you have the nerve to complain that the Jays ace doesn't do enough to promote baseball or your network, well, that's just insulting and ridiculous.

    *End of email*

    Obviously, I am not expecting a response, considering that he wrote a clusterfuck of an "article" and he probably knows it, and because of what happened the last time I emailed him (check to see what I mean).

  8. The booing made for a great atmosphere. I was all for it, but I don't think it will be necessary every time A.J. pitches here. But last night, it was fitting.

    Seriously though, this is the city where some knuckle-heads actually booed Mats Sundin on his return. Boo the Yankees, boo them every game.

  9. I just realized I wrote Jeff Pearlman where Jeff Passan's name belonged. My bad.

  10. PS Cheering makes for good atmosphere too

  11. i hate the majority of booing of ex-jays especially guys like zaun. It seems like it's usually from clowns who come to a game or two a year and the only thing they know about the player they're booing is that they used to be on the jays. no class.

  12. the comparison of vince 'baby' carter and any other toronto sportsperson is completely ridiculous. every toronto sports fan should boo carter until the day his knees give out (or the day his hangnail is too much to bare) he retires like the greedy, selfish cry-baby he is. boo VC and do it PROUDLY!!

  13. I assumed that most people only boooed AJ because it was fun. I don't think they had bitter resentment towards him. But then, I could be wrong. Grown men have shown a tendency to get a little to engaged in their sports.

    Can I say I wouldn't have joined into the fun? Not for sure. But I respect what AJ gave the Jays over his three years. I thought he was a pretty useful pitcher at a pretty good price. I also respect that he grew up considerably while here.

  14. I should add that the only thing I resent about him joining the Yankees is that we get their 3rd round pick in the draft instead of their first.


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