Monday, May 11, 2009

A Moment of Perspective

Nope. Sorry. I've got none. My Necktie is tied so tight, I can barely breathe. Not that I mind, what's a little auto-erotic asphyxiation between friends?

Seriously though: Read The Mockingbird's take on Brett Cecil (based only on his first start, mind you) and tell me he shouldn't hit his Verducci Number (approx. 140 IP) in the big leagues this year. Tell me Brian Tallet doesn't deserve to stay in the rotation until he proves he doesn't belong. Tell me Jesse Litsch, lovable as he may be, deserves a rotation spot no questions asked upon his return (you can't.) It's not about the next big thing, it's about stuff. Missing bats, changing speeds, genetic defects (being left handed is good? Now I've heard everything!), and surviving mistakes. Put another way: repeatable skills crucial to long-term success.

Will the league figure out Richmond's nasty slider after another go around the league? Will the league take note of Cecil tipping his pitches behind his back? They just might, but either way the Jays are in an enviable position as you well know.

But I don't want to get carried way.


  1. A moment of perspective? It WAS the A's.

    That's all I got.

  2. Even though it might be a feasible strategy to limit his innings, Cito reminding everyone that Cecil used to be a closer in college, and thus could pitch out of the pen, gives me an inverse boner.

  3. "Inverse boner" just sounds awful.


  4. It's not an inverse boner, Ack. It's constipation - have another cup of joe.

  5. Moving Cecil back to the bullpen is complete inverse boner territory. No way does JP let that happen.

  6. I would definitely send Cecil to the bullpen....after the allstar break.


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