Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Most Well-Earned Off Day in History

In a time of such insanity, when making sense of the senseless no longer seems possible, now is the time for true positivity. The three game series against the Red Sox has the potential to galvanize the Jays like no other. What better way to regroup after the worst road trip in club history than a relatively full house against the dreaded Sox?

A few quick facts that may indicate the worst is over:
  • Aaron Hill's home run yesterday was the first in 8 games. EIGHT!
  • It was also the only positive thing done by a Blue Jay in a high leverage situation for two weeks. They've been terribly un-clutch during this streak, but surprisingly not too far off their regular amount of unclutchedness.
  • The bullpen finally regressed. At least we can stop holding our breath!
  • Lyle Overbay's hitting well. That's something!
  • So desperate is Cito that he almost, kinda, sorta, juggled the lineup. Signs of life!
  • As Stoeten points out; the Jays lost 3 one run games and two games that were essentailly one run games. A tiny amount of luck and we're talking about a bad road trip, not a cataclysmic one.
  • They played a bunch of these games in the rain. The dome has a roof! Advantage: nullified.
  • The starting pitching's been phenomenal. Honestly. The relief pitching, while sort of terrible, deserves a better fate. The strand rate will come up, the BABIP will go down, the ERA-FIP differential will get Rolen'd up real good.
Wilner's right. This is rock bottom. Cito's world-renowned manmanagment will come shining through. The Jays--imbued by the confidence of Citocity--will band together and shoot forth into June. That's just what happens now.


  1. "I gave the whole positivity thing a real shot"

    Proud of you. <3

  2. Fuckin' eh. Love this shit, LtB.

    Here's to June. And Citocity.

  3. Ditto, and with so much room now on this bandwagon, it's like reclining on a skybed in first class on Qantas.

  4. It was especially disappointing because the Jays finally put some runs on the board, except this time it was the bullpen that coughed up the loss. So long, Carlson!

  5. Two things:

    1) I love Botch.
    2) I love your blog. I don't know why the Jays should deserve this feeling, but I'm feeling the good vibes going into the Boston series for some reason.

  6. I too love Botch. Because they're amazing.

    The Jays taking 2 of 3 from the Red Sox would be the most BLUE JAY thing to do at this point. I expect nothing less.


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