Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brandwagon Exits Station, Gains Momentum

When you need a good quote, might as well seek out the smartest guy you know. I know very few people so I'll take this one myself:
The Jays taking 2 of 3 from the Red Sox would be the most BLUE JAY thing to do at this point. I expect nothing less.
The Blue Jays decided to commit Blue Jayish crimes against the psyche of Toronto by taking two straight from the BoSox just when all looked lost. They won't let you leave so soon bandwagoneers.

Speaking of bandwagons, Cito seemed to have thrown a stick between the spokes and shot the horse dragging the Brandon League bandwagon the last few weeks. Probably because of League's struggles with a small S in high leverage situations, Cito refused to insert him into a game with the outcome in doubt. League pitched better until, lo and behold, he's setting up Scott Downs on consecutive days.

League's response: pure awesomeness. Friday night he was untouchable, even as he bounced a couple pitches in the left hand batters box. Another three up, three down inning on Saturday and the cries of "Brandon League is BACK!" can be heard all across teh internetz.

According to Brooks Baseball and their Pitch F/X demons, League was at his BB slinging best. Throwing his "offspeed" pitch for strikes and his frisbee-fastball for Lulz. He's even striking guys out, something I long ago dismissed as a Brandon League skill. Consider me impressed and excited.

As for tomorrow: who cares? Riding a two game winning streak, Rocco's X rays came back negative (boners crossed for ya Rocco!), quality performances from the middle of the order in the bank, it's all fun money at this point. P!


  1. Forget the Rolaids Reliever of the Year award - Brandon League for Cy Young. Catch the Wave.

  2. You called it Drew, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

  3. Brandwagon, as in Brandon League's bandwagon.

    Sadly, BrandVan 3000 has been rejected by the judges.


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