Monday, April 13, 2009

Ah Yes, Denim Like a Jean

A few odds and ends to sort out before tonight's game against the Twins. I don't like the jerkoff Twins. I don't like their new jerkoff ballpark (it's cold in Minnesota in April, enjoy the snow-outs), I don't like their jerkoff outfield (untrue! Carlos Gomez is great), I don't like their overrated jerkoff catcher (untrue! Despite the lack of power, Mauer's pretty great), and I don't like their bush league hustle and thieve approach. Jerkoffs. The Jays missget Francisco Liriano in the forgotten fourth game of the series but get Slowey, Perkins and Baker LLP in the first three. Perkins is a lefty, hopefully Cito will give Lind the opportunity to play the field. Is he worse than Bautista? I don't like the thought of young Adam's muscles atrophying on the bench. He'll be running like Frank Thomas before the All Star break.

Random Announcements and Things

  • In case you hadn't noticed, I've begun the process of shedding my fake blogger name. As good and Be Sharps-ish as Lloyd the Barber is, you'll see the name Drew a lot more than Lloyd in the future. But we're the same guy. The Revered is still the Reverend, Jesse BOBD is still the same, but as it has been for the last six months, it's pretty much my (Drew's!) show.
  • Speaking of shows and clumsy segues, the Walkoff Walk Furious Five podcast goes down tonight at 10! You can still get it on iTunes etc. Bring your recipe book!
  • Because I'm made of magic and old horsehide; I'll be liveblogging the Red Sox/A's game tonight on the Score. Lefty Dallas Braden takes the mound for the A's...FINGERS CROSSED FOR A ROCCO START!
  • The commentariat around here is small but loyal, so I'll pose this question: how do you prefer the comments section to work? Do people like the pop-up window (or trackball click new tab style) or the newfangled DJF scrolling style. Chime in with your preference, I'm good either way.


  1. I agree with you on getting Lind some starts. Im sure Snider and Wells could use a day at DH every now and then - especially Wells. Dont want to tire out those hammys too soon. Snider should also get more starts against lefties. He's not a platoon player.

    For comments Im not a huge fan of the popup window.

  2. I have no preference. I see why the DJF are doing it but meh.

  3. The pop-up window is the bane of my existence. Even more than the arduous registration method at WoW.

  4. You forgot about me, the dude who put his heart and soul into writing for you. As good as your baseball writing is, the movie quotes/references were amazing in this post.

  5. I'm all about capitalism. Say goodbye to the pop-up window.

    And we've got Liriano on Thursday, I think, vs the good Doctor...

  6. Senior Ocean puts together a good crew

  7. Tom Trebelhorn treats objects like women, man.


  8. Eyebleaf, lets talk about this for a second because I like thinking about these things (and I'm trying to fight the urge to call this girl at 6:30 like I said. It's all about 6:47 baby!). How does it help when The Score posts ads that have nothing to do with your audience or don't really interest them? (well maybe that's not true for you because you talk about all sports) If you're barking up the wrong tree it doesn't matter how many times you bark*.

    And just so you know there are ways to get your ads in your RSS feed so when people open up their Google Reader they still have to see the people paying you the big bucks ;)

    * I should note that I don't think all the ads The Score is throwing up are useless, just Hockey stuff on DJF seems... silly.

  9. dave: I'm one of the other publishers in The Score's blog network and I think you might be under the mistaken belief that people need to click on the ads for the publishers to make money. The publishers are not paid based on clicks, but based on ad impressions - the number of times the ads appear on the site.

  10. If it makes you more money the new DJF way is fine with me.

  11. Dave: Anon from The Score is bang on, there. Some of the ads have nothing to even do with sports. But it's not about people clicking on them, just coming to our respective sites.

  12. The ads for "Crank" are gayer than Crocs. That is all.

  13. Having a small and loyal commentariat means you can personally autograph all of the GROF t-shirts you sell us at a discount price.

    Also, if I didn't see Crank I, will I be able to follow the plot of Crank II?

  14. Irresponsible capitalism destroyed the world keep the pop-up. I have no idea why it gives people so much trouble. It's a small neat box that makes it easy to read many posts because of the shorter lines and you can keep it open while surfing other pages/tabs. You can easily refresh by right clicking and pressing reload. And the poster's name and avatar make people easily identifiable. The DJF way is a gigantic clusterfuck.

  15. Hey, other Score blog publisher :)

    Nope, I didn't think that at all. I'm sure you guys have a totally fair deal with all the bloggers apart of the federation. What I'm wondering is whether or not it's good advertising for the companies paying you to throw their ads up on these sites. Because if at some point they realize that their not going to sell a Ford to a bunch of baseball geeks the money goes.

    Same with the Score throwing up their own advertising. Is talking about Hockey at a bunch of people who at that point in time are thinking about baseball doing anything for them?

    Again, like I said on the DJF site, I'm sorry if I'm getting into anyone's business. I find it interesting, that's all. Not accusing The Score of taking advantage of anyone, though it was definitely a genius move by them to attach themselves to this many solid blogs.

    Just wondering if they could do it better as their starting it out.


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