Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mixed Precipitation Thrown on the Fire

I like 6 RBI games as much as the next guy, but two of those hits were humpbacked fliners that happened to find holes. Don't even get me started on the pitch Halladay grooved to Inge. Let's have a little perspective here, okay?


Just so we're all clear, the road to rookie of the year awards and future stardom is paved with opposite field home runs. Big ones make up huge chunks of the pavement.

A few things to make us all smile: Aaron Hill ranging far behind the bag and Lyle Overbay driving the ball to the left field power alley, Alex Rios working a walk, and Adam Lind squaring one up for once. Finally!


  1. You know what was bad-ass? The fact that the rally in the first started with two outs (the walk to Rios). And that Overbay double was just delightful to watch.

    What a way to start the season, guns a blazing.


  2. Good thing the bluebirds blew their load on day one. Now when they score just one run in the second game, I can brag that my "worsening offense" comment was SPOT ON.

  3. Wow, that's the trolliest comment I've ever made. My apologies. I really do love and covet Adam Lind, aka Mini-Giambi.

  4. Oh Rob, I'm going to enjoy how wrong, how splendidly wrong, you will be all year long.

  5. The double in the first, Overbay hit it HARD. I was happy.


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