Friday, April 17, 2009

Sunny Analogy for a Sunny Day

The first place Jays host the not first place A's. The sun is out, the weather is warm, everything is coming up Toronto. In fact, the old lady and I had an exchange walking down the street in Toronto's glorious west end that summed up my feelings on the Jays and life in general quite nicely.

As per Canadian tradition, the first warm day sends every man, woman, and child diving to the bottom of their closets for something summery to wear. Some shapely lady (girl? The details are fuzzy and possibly illegal) approached us wearing a dress that, try as it might, wasn't able to cover all the real estate required by the laws of decency and the province of Ontario. As she stepped off the curb, we approached and I happily yet discretely gazed where a man's wont to gaze. Allow me to recount the exact dialogue:
  • Ms. Moseby: Did you see what I saw?
  • Drew the Pervy Barber: /ogling
  • Ms. Moseby the Patient: That girl wasn't wearing any underwear!
  • The Defendant: Really? The one in the ill-fitting dress?
  • Ms. Moseby: Yeah! She was wearing tights and nothing else. I saw stuff when she stepped off the curb
  • Drew: It sucks I missed that, but I'm content with my choice
That's right Toronto, we're spoiled for choice! Didn't see the exposed ladybits? Don't sweat it, plenty of cleavage for all!

Have a good weekend ya'll, I'm WoWing and so should you.


  1. I was certain your headline had something to so with this:

  2. Sunglasses my friend, sunglasses. You can get away with murder in those things.

  3. Christ almighty I wish our beer stores looked like that one. American beer stores rock.


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