Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fortune Resumes Hiding

I was ready. The early season signs were unmistakable. Games the Jays seems bound and determined to lose, they pulled out of the fire. Odd and/or questionable managerial choices worked out, the Ws are on the board for time immaterial. By divine providence and the benevolent guidance of one Clarence Gaston, the Jays are in first place without any indication of leaving. This was it!!! Slightly outperforming their Pythagorean record, winning one run games, coming from behind!! Who knew? Hell, the Jays are sixth in baseball with runners in scoring position (2nd in RISP OPS!!!) Sure, they're not exactly putting up 2008 Angels-level numbers in the clutch, but they're still winning! In November I said the only way the Jays can reasonably expect to compete for the playoffs (!) was a little bit of luck. Luck they are experiencing a most profound way: they're winning games they shouldn't. And it's awesome. No way am I going to fuck this gift horse in the mouth!

Alas, some luck seems to have run out. Injuries are now piling up. Some are fortunate; preventing any, as the Tao Tweeted, "kabuki nonsense" over the next few weeks in search of a competent replacement. The Ricky Romero injury is not fortunate. While it will usher in the Brett Cecil era, it will also prolong the Scott Richmond (not as bad as I'd think, says Wilner) and the Brian Tallet Found Money era. A rotation peopled with never-wases is slightly frightening, but it's okay. They're still in first place, and will be for a minimum of one more full day! If the Jays are in first place on May 1st, consider this season a rousing success. Far too many people that I care to admit have told me how excited they are for this Jays team and baseball in general. Which is great. I just hope they all stay on the ride when the inevitable (or not, PLAYOFFS!) turbulence hits.

Deep Sigh Update: Apparently it is not time for the Cecil era to begin. Instead the Brian Burres shitshow will roll into town just to piss me off. FREE BRYAN BULLINGTON!


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