Thursday, April 9, 2009

Youths Succeed, Arrive Home before Streetlights Come On

After today, I decree that 50% of all Jays games should start at 12:37 PM, and the Jays should win 100% of those very same games. I saw the first few innings, Romaro looked pretty good, despite his unwillingness to go inside. The tater tots followed en masse, and all is right with the world. Adam Lind hit a big flat curveball out, something I always enjoy. Aaron Hill, aka the Jays streakiest hitter, is currently slugging .688. Boners!

Inverse boners go out to Jose Bautista and the Jays suits. Bautista more than atoned for his brutal misplay/flagrant cut-off of Scutaro today on a bounder towards the hole. Ball takes bad bounce (made more difficult when the third baseman is trying to go across his body) and it cost the Jays a run. He made a really nice play later that likely saved the Jays two, but it should have already been over. And no Wednesday's with JP means no more Thursday Good Time Smile Hour for me. Boo to JP but yay to my free time. H/T Tao & DJF

Not all is right with the world. As I added to yesterday's post, the Nick Adenhart incident as lead to the postponement of tonight's Angels/A's game. No live blog obviously, and thank goodness for that.

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend, keep your eyes open for more mechanical goats and/or simulated hero-figures this weekend against the apparently terrible Indians. Good Friday afternoon games are great opportunities to get drunk with your grandmother. Don't pass that shit up.


  1. Bautista could have been the goat. But he made up for it. That's the beauty of baseball. Right after you fuck an easy one up, the next one comes back to you. Atonement, bitches.

  2. I'm gonna miss Thursdays with Drew. It was actually funnier than the actual show, which is a huge accomplishment.

  3. Let's hold out hope for Tuesdays with Cito. Then every Wednesday I'll call out a fictional ex-Jay from the 90's. C'mon Wilner, make it happen!


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