Monday, April 27, 2009

Mildly Amusing Monarchy Pun

The Best Team in Baseball rolls into Kansas City looking to eat BBQ and kick ass. Looks like Billy Butler ate all the BBQ so the Jays will have to take solace in kicking ass. The Kansas City Royals have nothing else in common with the previous victims from Chicago. They pitch well (best FIP in baseball), catch it when it's hit at them but hit in a way that flatters the 2008 Toronto Blue Jays. When your best hitter is your second baseman, you're in a word of trou....

The Royals send a vast array of wily right handers like Gil Meche and Zack "The Spiders" Greinke. Unfortunately outstanding closer/nickname owner Joakim Soria is on the self with shoulder soreness. It's fortunate for the Jays as it could directly lead to Th3 pr0FF3ss0r pitching in a high leverage situation but unfortunate for those that like awesomeness in fireballing forms.

Awesomeness like Scott Rolen's game winning base hit. Sure, the pitch missed by mile, but he lashed into the left like he meant business. Frozen Rope Machine! He aggressively tried to take second on the throw on said play, had he not lost his balance he might have allowed Lind to score in the ensuing rundown. Watching the video on Gameday is great as they use an ISO camera on Rolen running. That's a big dude.

Also awesome: Matt Stairs as Jayson Stark points out (h/t DJF). He got too many at bats as his time in Toronto came to an end, but he's an obviously likable dude that's built quite the legion of supporters in Philadelphia. Meech and the good people at the Fightins have designed a Matt Stairs shirt I'm sure numerous Blue Jays fans would wear into public. I think I'll go against type and encourage this type of behaviour.


  1. Since I no longer hold any ill will towards the Blue Jays organ-eye-zation from '93, I'd even be willing to print the Stairs tee up on blue shirts if anyone is interested.

  2. That shirt is steeped in Awesome.

  3. I wish Stairs had been consistently awesome enough for us in pinch-hitting situations that we would have been able to come up with that shirt.

  4., how about free AND in blue?

    No? I should just go fuck off? OK.

  5. The Phillies should launch those shirts from a T-Shirt gun at home games.

  6. The blue version of this shirt should say "repeated use of Stairs may cause shortness of breath, wheezing and diminished returns"


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