Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not fer Nothin'

Dirty Uniform = BallplayerA few quick and dirty numbers and things that caught my eye:
  • 29.6% - Scott Rolen's line drive rate. In 32 PAs he's notched 8 line drives. That's good, I like it.
  • .529 - Travis Snider's isolated power or number of extra base hits per at bat. That's great, I love it.
  • I guess I'm human - Ichiro's line when asked about his ulcer. That's amazing, I couldn't like it more.
  • -20.7 - Alex Rios's UZR/150 games based the start to his season. Now, this number means next to nothing (less in fact) as it's based on 71 innings. But he hasn't looked great so far, what with the balls careening off his skull and all. It WILL improve, but it's got my eye.
  • 0.71 - Alex Rios's Walk per K rate, the highest of his career. He's also slashing liners around at a healthy clip. That's encouraging, I enjoy it.
  • .181, .212, -1.91 - Glen Perkins, starting tonight for the Twins, average against, BABIP, and ERA-FIP through one start this year. Unsustainable! I don't care if it's only one start and junkballin' lefties are Blue Jay kryptonite, he's going to regress like a motherfucker tonight!
If you shout sample size I'll encourage you sample the size of my genital region. PLAYOFFS!


  1. WTF is a UZR/150.

    Sounds like something spoiled Asian kids drive up and down my road.

    If Glen is any relation to Vince and Gardenhire is any relation to Whitt then, based on the results of the WBC, I like the Jays' chances.

    Playoffs indeed.

  2. Litsch hurt... but alas, no Cecilian Necktie.

  3. I don't believe Ichiro for a God damn minute.

    If you shout sample size I'll encourage you sample the size of my genital region. Thank God the thought never even crossed my mind.

    Numbers are cool.

  4. UZR is a defensive metric (ultimate zone rating) that works like +/-.

    UZR/150 takes the raw data (chances missed, outs made) and extends it over 150 games. In other words, if Alex Rios kept playing like he is now, after 150 games he'd be 20 runs behind the theoretical average outfielder. That's bad. It will come back up in no time though, defensive stats don't work in small increments.


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