Monday, April 6, 2009

Prediction Time

My prediction of my reaction, once I realize I won't make it to Opening Day. You said it, Hurley-looking guy.

As for baseball, I'm out of the prediction game. If ever there was a fool's errand...I'll simple say this:
  • The Jays total wins and total loses will both be in the 80s.
  • Travis Snider will have a good season and spend time in Vegas.
  • Scott Rolen will justify my love. (Our love, my loyal and like-minded friends)
  • The Yankees will be good, the Red Sox will be better
  • The Twins and Angels will be exposed
  • Roy Halladay will be Roy Halladay
  • You will buy a Ghostrunner on First t-shirt
  • A.J. Burnett will be the Yankees best starter
  • Seriously, buy a shirt. Let me design them first, but then buy one.
  • We will have a whole lot of fun. Both here on the nerd and at the ballpark.
Holy Shit! Opening Day! Amazing! PLAYOFFS!!


  1. So we go 86-76, make the wild card somehow, sweep the ALDS, then lose the ALCS in 4 games to finish 89-80?

  2. I will only buy a shirt if the Halladay Viagra is featured prominently somewhere.

    Oh and Baby Rocco on the back.

  3. It will be beautiful, I can't wait.

    I think that clip was from Superbad, yes?

  4. Indeed it was from Superbad, the best part of a funny movie. If I were 15 years younger I'd have watched it about 100000 times by now.

    Torgen you're a ray of light.

    /no tampa

  5. "...And Roy Halladay has pitched a 100% game!"

    *Note that I did not jinx him because I didn't say the exact phrase*

  6. Hmm, that's funny, I could've sworn there would be a


    style post up by now...

  7. I'll buy a shirt. And it'll be reasonably priced,right?

  8. Discount priced! Now who's good with Photoshop?

  9. I will definately buy a t-shirt! Hopefully the design will be badass (check these):


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