Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Skynet Begins to Learn at a Geometric Rate. It Becomes Self-Aware at 2:14 a.m

A little bit of hubris is to be expected, nay encouraged, in someone as great as Roy Halladay. The fact that he wants the ball, he needs the ball is admirable and part of what makes him great. Halladay's knowledge that he can get anyone out at any time is awesome, mostly because it's true.

That said, is pitching around Ian "streak hitter notorious for fast starts currently crushing the ball in April" Kinsler really a bad idea? Especially with the ghost of Michael Young, to that point 0-3 with 2 strikeouts on deck. It's easy to say after the fact, but the better part of valor is discretion or some shit. No way is Cito going to tell Roy Halladay has to do his business, and nor should he.

Cito's Decision Making

I'm not going to touch this hot potato simply because I can't be bothered. There is too much room for ifs and buts in any given baseball game. This is as polarizing an issue that exists around a 10-5 (p!) team and I think my position on it is pretty clear. The only question I have is this: people rush to use the Jays record under Cito has their One True Defense of his tactics. Ever thought the team achieves in spite of him? Heretical as it may seem, it gives a lot of credibility to the "managers don't do a damn thing" theory. Three hitting coaches do plenty, in game management tends to come out in the wash.

Tonight, Tonight

Time to break out lineup 1b as the Jays face another shitballing lefty in Matt Harrison. Four pitches, all thrown around the same speed, the stuff that used to give the Jays fits. David Purcey, he of consistently inconsistent release point (first is a good start, next two were bad) will lead the Jays into battle. I love David Purcey, for his weird inability to string good starts together and lights-out stuff. Here's hoping he can set down the lumberjacks in short order. The closer the game the more room for complaint and venom.

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