Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some Positivity, in Relative Terms

Scott Rolen's spring line: .375/.500/.781/1.281. This means very little, as it's only Spring Training.

Just for argument's sake, not to celebrate the missteps or bad fortunes of others, a quote:
Once hopeful of a return in April, the Cardinals now say they will be without third baseman Troy Glaus for more than the season's first two months and can not guarantee his return before the All-Star break.
Get well soon, Troy. Continuing being awesome now, Scott.

I should be getting cease & desist papers from Daylife anytime now.


  1. Scott Bruce (wha?....) Rolen is going to smash 60 extra base hits, win the Gold Glove at the hot corner (bullshit award or not), and look bored doing it.

    For fun, he will clothesline Alex Rodriguez as he rounds third trying to score on a shallow single to right. The umpire will not call interference for fear of earning his wrath.

  2. He's the king. I feel bad for Troy Glaus but not Tony LaRussa.

  3. How lame is it that I want to write Scott Rolen and just say thanks? I've written to an athlete twice in my life, once to Stan Musial when I was a kid (he signed a card... I lost it) and couple years back I wrote to Al Lamacchia.

    I just want the man to know he is appreciated.

  4. I never understood why John McDonald inspired so many boners based on his defense-only game--until I saw Scott Rolen play like a fucking Cybernetic Third Basemen from Hell.
    He's a Motherfucker and he'd hit like one if he hadn't taken that shrapnel hit during the war. I'd dutifully bear his children if I carried a vag, but will gladly accept being in the same dome as him as consolation until Medical Science crosses those boundaries.


  5. Oh and I have no idea how Daylife doesn't get shutdown. They basically post pro-pics for people to rip, if I was Reuters I'd send them cease and desist papers.

    They're the Napster of news.

  6. Rolen is going to be instrumental in the securing of the pennant.

    They're already working on his key to the city.

  7. Daylife is the shit. That's where everybody rips the photos from. They should be paid royalties.

  8. Drew,
    I'm the juan pierre guy, thanks for noticing me. Not specifically HIM but adding speed as an option off the bench.

    Instead of corner infielders with 25 homer potential.

    With all due respect why do you think Stolen Bases are overrated my good man?


  9. Stolen bases are really only valuable if you're playing for one run (i.e. Dave Roberts, 2004 ALCS).

    Unless you can do it at a high rate of success, you're playing fast and loose with your valuable outs.

    Baseball is clearly favoring guys that can do it all, hit for power, run and field. Alex Rios's ability to steal bases merely enhances his superlative abilities at all facets of the game. A one trick stolen bag pony is no more valuable (less so, in fact) that a Matt Stairs type of Three Out Guy, without the on base.


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