Monday, March 2, 2009

Life After Death

Any day Orlando Cabrera signs with someone other than the Blue Jays is a good day. If Brett Cecil pitches 2+ innings of one hit ball on the same day, it's reason to celebrate. I'll take a joyful quick spin around the dial before Billy Beane and JP engineer the trade part of "sign-n-trade" that will make me take my own life.

Walkoff Stalk

I got peoples on the inside! Kris from Walkoff Walk is touring around Florida, poking his head into all the press boxes that will have him. He was in Dunedin today, yucking it up with the Jays beat crew that isn't following Team Canada. Some tidbits from his post:
  • Having interviewed Kevin Millar twice before, the Friendly Cowboy called Kris "Big Dog", ironic as Kris surely had a cat on his t-shirt.
  • He interview Overbay, Millar and CITO! I'm quite jealous, though if I wanted to talk to Cito I could just put on some dark sunglasses and talk to my dad. Halladay appears to have blown him off, but neither he nor I will hold it against Roy.
  • The collected Jays writers are a chatty, jovial bunch. Kris was quite disappointed that Griffin wasn't on hand because he wanted "tips on the best kind of hooch to drink while writing a column" Griff's reputation precedes him.
As you may know, Adam Lind hit a tater tot and Brett Cecil looked downright Cecil-esque. Kris observed Roy Halladay limping around the clubhouse, struggling under the strain of his tremendous balls. Maybe Kris didn't say that, perhaps I just dreamed it. Anyway, on to links!

Waste that Time!


  1. A Lost and a Watchmen shoutout? I feel like I'm in fanboy heaven!

  2. The glorious internet has turned me into quite the nerd.

  3. I'm just as guilty - I never read the graphic novels/comic books, but I'm hoping that Watchmen kicks ass too. It looks too good.


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