Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ichiro: Cooler and Nerdier all at the Same Time

She's dressed up like a character from the game, it's RELATED

Ichiro, also known as the King of All Media, recently referenced Dragon Quest when answering a question about the relative pump-upedness of his Japanese team during the WBC.
After the game, when a reporter said that the entire Japanese team got pumped up, right fielder Ichiro Suzuki replied, "In Dragon Quest, tension increases, and you get stronger, right? It was like that."
Of fucking course it was like that. Dragon Quest, for those of you that don't know (myself included) is a video game about dragons and shit. Here on Earth it was called Dragon Warrior, a game I played the shit out of when I was 15. There are apparently 70 different versions, each one exceedingly more Japanese than the last. Meaning it is more incomprehensible to white people than the lack of whiskey in vending machines must be to the Japanese.

Can you imagine Roy Halladay making a similar analogy? "Last night's game was a real let down, just like the final third of Grand Theft Auto 4. The further you progress in the game, the more Niko loses his humanity. Which is a shame, as it is the grounding point that gives the game it's depth while pushing the narrative." Not likely. Just so we're clear: Dragon Quest references > half-baked athlete cliches.

Hat Tip to Kotaku and flickr user Enchanted Collection


  1. OG Nintendo Dragon Warrior was fucking badass.

  2. You're so taking Ichiro in the first round of the fantasy baseball draft, aren't you?


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