Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekends are for Timewasting

A few quick things for a Saturday. My bracket is busted, though it was never really intact. I spent all of thirty seconds clicking through it, and my interest is at an all time low. My poor affection is being cut into bigger slices and given to fewer sources, I suppose.

Defense will get you laid

Joe Posnanski is the king. He filters some information from the Fielding Bible II in almost the exact way I would, were I wealthy enough for such indulgences. A sampling:
I still love baseball defense but I have grudgingly come to accept that it’s probably not nearly as important as I would like to believe. And now, here’s John Dewan throwing out a formula –defense is worth roughly 50 percent of offense — that, honestly, fits my logical brain perfectly.
You and I both Joe, you and I both. This joker too.

Brain injuries will get you laid-up

Sadly but predictably, Corey Koskie called off his comeback. The poor bastard made a diving play, got up and didn't feel right. Worse yet, his 6 year-old son was hospitalized with a concussion at the same time. Note to Koskie family: avoid vigorous activities of any kind!! I'm sure Anola, Manitoba needs a new librarian or lighthouse keeping family. Take any job that won't expose your genetic shortcoming in the spinal fluid department.

Soju will lay you out

The World Baseball Classic finals should be a good time. I like Korea's chances to win the tournament and give me a boner. Their defense and the incredible soju commercial above should handle that task without challenge. Drinking soju and yelling is as much fun as I know how to have, a Korean victory will give me the chance to do both.

Hopefully Team America will get by Japan for some extra drama and, sadly, some much needed positive publicity for the whole tournament. Japan/Korea is a better rivalry, but they've already faced off FOUR TIMES this tournament. Sorry increasingly awesome Ichiro, I'll make up for it soonly.


  1. Don't drink soju. That is some nasty chemical drink. You can buy it for like two dollars a liter here. Usually everyone notices that Hyori actually has no butt anymore, and to see that commercial is funny. I think she is going to release another album later this year. Last, I hope Korea and Japan both win so they can play each other for a fifth time to show how ridicuous the WBC schedule set-up is. Korea's schedule= China, Taiwan, Mexico, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan (now going to play Venezuela)
    -brent in Korea

  2. Oh I know all about soju Brent, as do many of my long deceased brain cells.

    When I was there my favorite K-pop chick was Park Ji Sung. Oh how I miss her.

  3. Whoops make that Park Ji YOON. I like Park Ji Sung too, that goal against Italy was awesome. But Park Ji Yoon is much more my style.

  4. Are you sure Park Ji Sung scored against Italy? Unless you're talking about a friendly, I know Seol Ki Hyon scored the tying goal and Ahn Jung Hwan scored the golden goal in 2002. Park Ji Sung scored against Portugal in the same tourney and he now plays for Man Utd.

    I may be just a tad too fond of Team Korea football.


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