Monday, March 30, 2009

I Knew I Hated Jose Bautista for a Reason

I knew I like Burnett for a reasonThe good men at Bluebird Banter are bringing us the goods more often this spring than a coke dealer to a strip club. After single-handedly trying to submarine Ricky Romaro's start yesterday, the BB boys clearly demonstrate with their around-the-diamond look at the Jays defense that Jose Bautista is good for nothing. Everywhere he plays. Corner infield? Sucks. Left field? Sieve-ish. I don't even want to think about Jose bumbling around at short stop. Speaking of SS, if Scutaro comes near his across-the-board excellent 2008, I'll be shocked. Shocked I say.

Speaking of defense, banned in Canada J from 3:10 to Joba uses our Toronto Blue Jays as a shining beacon of FIP and run prevention, an example he hopes his Jankees follow. I think he's on to something, the Yankees offense won't be much better in 2009, but even without the initialed wonders their rotation couldn't be worse. Only two starters made 25 starts? How did we finish behind them again? My shame grows.

Mop Up Duty hosted something of a blogger round table with an eye towards 2009 and beyond. There are even some of my answers peppered in there, do check it out. Good to see The Blue Jay Hunter join me on the J.J. Hardy train.


  1. Game on today, broheim. We're trotting out the opening day lineup just for you guys.

  2. Great minds think alike! Hardy is the best option out there for 2010, but like you said ... the pricetag would be too much (but totally worth it regardless).

    And Bautista at SS haunts me in my dreams.


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