Sunday, March 8, 2009

Phil of the Mount

That was way too much fun. JOEY VOTTO! PHILLIPPE AUMONT pulling a Jesse Carlson! (of his own creation.) Adam Dunn destroying Pete Orr and a hanger in the same day wasn't so much fun, more painful to the soul. If Canada had any pitching at all, or if Justin Morneau hadn't turned in kind of a horseshit at bat against JJ "I can't throw anything offspeed for strikes" Putz, things would have been quite different. The energy in the building was intense, the best baseball crowd I've ever seen at the Rogers Centre. Cheering and standing at the right time? Standing for the entire ninth inning? WHERE WAS I? Which reminds me, what the fuck was with the hockey jerseys? Oh hosers, you're a peculiar bunch.

Seriously though, Phillipe Aumont was off his ASS. I certainly didn't think I'd get to see him pitch, and he was as good as advertised. Clearly shook when he first entered the game, dude calmed down and made exceptional hitters look ordinary. Fangraphs did the first pitchFXing of the year, pointing out Aumont's high velocity and excellent movement were pretty fucking good (my words, not theirs. They're classier than I.) As the immortal Jonah Keri tweeted:


I know wish I could go to more than one game. The US/Venezuela game tonight will be awesome. I didn't really how many amazing players were Venezuelan. They're stacked, meaning Canada has a tall order ahead of them if they want to advance. Whatever. PLAYOFFS! Baseball in March! Beer! Hoo-fucking-ray.


  1. Aumont spent a good bit of time mingling--mostly with the francophones--in section 130C pregame and seemed pretty jovial.

    Come home Joey Votto, indeed. Quickly becoming one of my favourite players in the game.

  2. what a blast. I want to get blotto with Joey Votto

  3. I want 40 000 actual baseball fans to fill the Dome every night.

  4. I can't wait until the Jays make the playoffs in October.


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