Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Kickabout

It's only a matter of time now. Very, very soon the fake games held in a fake place are no more, and the real stuff rolls. How about some lazy news delivered lazily on a lazy weekend?
  • Most of the hard-charging prospective employees of the Toronto Blue Jays were given a Vegas vacation consolation prize for all their hard work and tater-totting this spring. Some say Joe Inglett and his options are on the outside looking in. Shoulda been you Bautista.
  • God Bless the Bottom of the Order. The artist formerly known as /a takes down a tweedy professor's dismissive downward glances at sports fans. The author of the piece believes we shouldn't waste our time watching sports when we can consume great art and literature, like his new book! How convenient.
  • Also linked in the BotO post is an amazing article regarding Ichiro and the idea of leadership. Roy Halladay improves the careers, nay, lives of those around him just by being who he is. These guys are pros, save the rah rah stuff for Friday Night Lights. Which has been renewed, much to the delight of cougar-enthusiasts and the chagrin of people who like crap. I don't watch the show often but I recognize it's survival is integral to the betterment of mankind.
  • Yup, Manny's awesome
Of course, because I'm a glutton for punishment, self-loathing, and complaint, I must point Fangraphs organizational rankings wrapped up this week. I know it's just one man's opinion, and complaining about things beyond our control does nothing, but the top three teams were as follows:
  1. Boston
  2. Tampa Bay
  3. New York
Well fuck. As they say on the aforementioned Friday Night Lights:

Clear eyes, full hearts, LET'S BOOZE


  1. Well, shoulda been Robinzon Diaz, because who doesn't prefer overly enthusiast use of the letter Zed?

  2. I like booze...let's drink some booze in the coming weeks.

  3. I hear Lloyd is insecure about the Jays and it's comical.

    Ok, question; who is it when someone comments under the name "Ghostrunner"? I thought maybe it was The Reverend but then I was reminded of the Tiger fist pump that accompanies his comments when I came into this comments section.

  4. It's me, I don't use "the official" email address to post

  5. Uh oh, Cito's talking crazy about McGowan and saying they might not bring him back till next year.

    I understand having your eyes on 2010 but I'd like to see McGowan get some of his rust off this season.

  6. So how about that Ricky Romero?


    I'd like to see Romero do well, but they're pinning a lot hope that a lot of guys have learned to throw strikes

  8. God bless you for god-blessing me. I retired the '/a' moniker 'cause I was tired of being referred to as 'la.' Didn't feel right.

    Ever tried Jim Beam Black? I'm trying it right now. Not bad! Think I'll keep trying it...


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