Saturday, September 6, 2008

All's Well that Ends Hilariously

What a beautiful script it was. Rocco hits a pinch hit home run to bring the Rays within one, I have my fun but the Jays still win. Throw a couple strikes, induce a couple ground balls, we all go home happy. When you remove the vital throwing strikes term from the equation, the script gets muddy. Suddenly wacky stuff happens, bases are stolen, balls are booted and saves are blown.

If anyone would, I will give a lot of credit to Rocco for hitting a decent pitch (I'm calling in Mockingbird support here) a long fucking way. Down and on a tee perhaps, but it look really down. It was supposed to be away, so Bo Junior is to blame for leaving it inside.

The Jays bullpen was shaky all afternoon, refusing to do what they do best (not walk people.) Scott Downs only threw 3 strikes? But none of that shit matters if GREGG ZAUN is going to hit game winning tetra tots!!!! Rocco damn near scaled the wall to bring it back! BONER OVERLOAD


  1. Did you append the clip of Zaun's tater to the end of your "Boner Jamz '08" tape?

  2. Did you just coin the soon to be famous term "tetra tot"?

    Nicely done sir.

  3. I did not sp, the commenter above you was the man actually.

  4. Whups...missed the handoff. pitch f/x says that pitch was at:

    px="-0.243" pz="1.315"

    and the bottom of the strike zone for him was measured at 1.5. So yeah- 2.22 inches down and out of the strike zone, but pretty much right down the middle. Not quite on a tee, but I think hitters still like that pitch...


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