Friday, September 12, 2008

They. Just. Keep. Winning.

The Toronto Blue Jays will not be denied. Each win is uglier than the last! Errors, walks, hit-by-pitches? Who cares? The two highest paid guys in the bullpen being the least reliable of late? Who cares? Scott Rolen and John MacDonald making 4 errors in three days? Who cares? They'll never play the perfect game; as long as they don't abandon the things that make them a good team, they'll be fine. And by fine, I mean awesome.

Let the Meaningful Baseball Commence!

This series in Boston is big in its undeniable make-or-break sense. Even the rosiest-coloured glasses must be able to see that. A split will be unacceptable. But a good time will be guaranteed. Games against the Red Sox are fun. They've expended all the fuzzy feelings their 80 year odyssey earned them, sliding into the Big Villain chair the Yankees vacated. They're also a very good team with an excellent core of homegrown talent. This large series ends on my arbitrary scoreboard watching date, the outcome will determine if it even starts at all. Being realistic certainly won't prevent me from hating Youkillis, Pedroria and the rest. Even Jason Bay, I don't give a shit which granola-tainted rest stop he played Little League in. Though Don Orsillo and the Rem-dog are okay in my book. They're everything that the Hawk should be but isn't. Being realistic about the mountain to climb won't keep the thought of David Purcey facing those patient hitters from scaring me shitless. But dammit, it feels good to be scared.

Speaking of being scared, I'm frightened of the type of wager my weekend bosses and I will cook up for this series. Make sure to check out Walkoff Walk all weekend and watch my objectivity erode with each Jays at bat.


  1. Whee the Yankees aren't villains anymore! Let the era of good feelings begin!

  2. i threw objectivity out the window so long ago, oh my.

    meaningful baseball. in september. this is it. i'm happy. go jays. we need three out of 4, and then a sweep next week at home.

  3. Hate Massholes. Hate the BoSox.

    Love Orsillo and Remy.


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